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3 in 1 Restaurant

About us

3 in 1 Restaurant's main focus is to produce authentic Mexican and El Salvadorian food using the finest locally grown, organic products.

We are best known for our savory pupusas (made with any combination of cheese, beans. pork meat, loroco, chicken and steak) and our delicious sweet corn tamales.

3 in 1 started out with family and still to this day is still ran by family. We started out sell to friends and family that enjoyed our sweet corn tamales before we started making them with chicken or pork and from their we attended local farmers market to grow our brand but we also started selling pupusas at the market and from their we blow up we were well know all around Indy as the best pupusas spot to eat at. Now we are well established and still successfully growing at our new location at 1413 west 86th st Indianapolis Indiana so we invite you and your family and friends to come and try some authentic El Salvador food