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About Us

Our Chef

Chief Marie is our main chef making all of our dish's to insure every order comes out the same way her mother taught her to make the dish. Marie is now teaching her 3 son's to cook the same dish to keep the famliy trodation going.

Special Events and Catering

We would love to make you'r next event easyier for you to cater to you'r guests. So just let us know what you would like and a date you would the order. We will contact you as soon as posibble to confirm your order. Take a look at our phote's to get a idea on planning your next event.

Seasonal and Local

3 in 1 is all about helping our local farmer's like our friend from becker farmer's where we get all of our meat's and many more iteam's that he grow's on his farm to use in our dish's so please check out his website and show support. Don't forget to check the meun to see our seasonal item's   


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Heating Instruction


Steps on heating you'r tamale 

  1. One tamale & a piece of paper towel big enough to warp the tamale.
  2. warp the towel around the tamale now damp the towel with water. note leave the corn leaf's on 
  3. last put it in microwave for 1 min or to desired heat when finsh take off the corn leaf's and enjoy  


Step's on heating you'r pupusas

  1. one pupuasa and one pan 
  2. heat the pan to medium and add a little oil 
  3. Heat for 5 minute's on each side or till desired heat and enjoy 

Contact us

Contact Us or place a order


Haveing a party or a business meeting. Call us today or fill out the contact app  with your order as well with any question you have.

3 in 1 Restaurant

4202 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254

(317) 985-5091


Note: Mon & Tue order's can only be picked up at the restaurant by appointment. Sat order's can only be picked up at local famers market that we attend. 


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